Complete Elven Dictionary: A Treatise on Espruar

A Treatise on Espruar by Sable Aradia. Copyright (c) 1993 by Sable Aradia and released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commerical No-Derivatives license. Use of Wizards of the Coast material is in no way intended to challenge copyright or intellectual property.

Several years ago I compiled a complete dictionary of Realmspace elvish, largely because I found it frustrating that all the other Elven dictionaries out there used Tolkien elvish as a base and added Espruar (Realms elvish) words.  First of all, I didn’t feel this was necessary because Espruar is an essentially complete language in and of itself.  Secondly, even if it were not, the grammar, rules and syntax of the Tolkien elvish tongues are completely different from those of Elvish, and melding the two creates a true Frankenstein’s monster of a language.

Click on the image or on the link below to download this PDF!

A Treatise on Espruar


I drew from mostly Second Edition Forgotten Realms products, some Third Edition products, and novels.  (See document for Bibliography).

I used a Dragon Magazine article called “By Any Other Name” which offered rules on creating elven names (see document for proper referencing).

I extrapolated meanings and rules depending on context and syntax.

I do not play many video games so if video games are used as sources, it is third-party information.

Please direct all questions, additions and corrections to the Wildspace Fanzine and I will do my best to correct my errors!


10 comments on “Complete Elven Dictionary: A Treatise on Espruar

  1. Thank you very much for posting this gem of a handbook. Very enjoyable reading and a big up for that excellent graphic design.

    • You would think they would have a word for “bird” somewhere, wouldn’t you? But I wasn’t able to find one. “Av'” means “winged,” so I’m sure something could be done with that; if anyone found anything official, please let me know! In the meantime, I suggest “kor’ela,” (with or without the apostrophe as you prefer,) which literally translates to “black raptor,” but probably is close enough to describe what my favourite corvids are. I hope that helps!

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